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Гитаристы фингерстайл


John Butler 

John Butler was born on April 01, 1975 in Torrance (California - the USA) from an American mother and an Australien father which leaves the United States in 1985 to go to live in Australia. With adolescence, John is interested more and more in the music and starts to learn the guitar. In parallel with his studies of art, John plays in the street and occurs in small bars. Its style and its compositions make a local high-speed motorboat quickly of it and John gives up the university to devote himself fully to the music. In 1996, it records a cassette which it sells with 3000 specimens and that encourages it to enter in studio in 1998 and to leave its first album éponyme.

For its second album ("Three" in 2001) John is surrounded of two other musicians to train the John Butler Trio. The album becomes platinum disc in Australia and receives a reception favorable to the USA, however John decides to make a pause in his career and it is necessary to wait until 2004 to again hear it (always in trio but with two new musicians) in an album with undeniable world success "Sunrise Over Sea". Always as pop-rock'n'roll-country-folk as the preceding wafers, John Butler and his assistants tackles Europe with a frightening weapon and titles like "Zebra" or "Peaches & Cream" can only allure the public.

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