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Гитаристы фингерстайл


Calum Graham

Calum Graham can play the guitar like only few can on the planet.

That’s not an overstatement.  It goes without saying that success and fame are imminent for this bright-eyed, blond haired, 22-year-old Alberta native, as the newfangled sound that he has made his own is at the forefront of a new generation in music and is certain to gain interest from across the world.

Calum signed to one of the biggest acoustic guitar labels worldwide – CandyRat Records in the summer of 2013. The first album Calum signed with them was a duet album with the legendary guitarist, Don Ross called “12:34”. A solo album “Phoenix Rising” was the follow-up record only 4 months later featuring Calum in a live – one guitar setting which has also been garnering rave reviews throughout the world.

Born in British Columbia, and raised in the small town of High River, Alberta, Calum started playing the guitar nine years ago.  He attributes growing up in a talented family and always being surrounded by different forms of musical and artistic expression, in further influencing the development of his unique style of music.  But Calum’s first foray into his own individual expression was not a result of his classically trained guitar work, it was teaching himself how to play finger-style guitar; a decision from which he never looked back.

Along with a select list of other musicians, Calum was invited to be a representative of Alberta music for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver as well as the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London.  In the summer of 2010, he won the first place title at the Canadian Guitar Festival – a feat that no other teenager has accomplished in the Festival’s history.

Since his move to Toronto, Calum has already been making a buzz on the music scene.  Aside from performing at venues such as The Horseshoe Tavern, and The Rivoli, Calum has also performed between Colin James and K-Os with other headlines, Sloan, Serena Ryder and Ron Sexsmith playing at the 8th Annual Any Kim Christmas Concert at The Mod Club.

His second studio album, “Indivisibility”, features Calum on both lead vocals and guitar.  The songs provide a combination of his exemplary guitar work and mellow vocals with a rhythmic undercurrent that bears testament to his impassioned playing, and punctuated throughout with elements of jazz, pop and acoustic blues.

Calum continues to write, record, and perform full-time and is currently working on his singing & songwriting abilities to showcasing them along with his fingerstyle prowess on his next album. He is also planning on recording a full-band CD – featuring Calum on electric guitar & lead vocals – sometime in the near future.

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