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Гитаристы фингерстайл


Jimmy Wahlsteen

Jimmy Wahlsteen made his name being one of Sweden's busiest session guitarists with numerous TV shows and international tours on his résumé.

"181st songs" is a pop inspired multitrack recorded album with the acoustic guitar in focus. Jimmy uses innovative open tunings and percussive techniques showcased in his popular videos on the Candyrat YouTube channel. With total views of over the one million mark combined for his videos in 2010 alone.

Mark Tucker from AcousticMusic.com recently said, "Jimmy's "181st Songs" is untouchably clean and spotless while dripping with spacious atmospheres perfectly captured, transparent and three-dimensional".

Minor Seventh Magazine says, " Wahlsteen's ensemble approach gives more options for developing intensity and contrasts, which he uses to provide tasteful results. He is a promising and tasteful artist!"

"181st Songs" is also featured at www.echoes.org, as CD of the month for the month of January, 2010. The "Echoes" show is a U.S. Public Radio International mainstay, distributed to 130 stations across the U.S. from Maine to California

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